​​A clean facility is a productive one. The true impact of a clean workplace starts with impressions formed when someone enters your front office. A healthy indoor environment means more productivity and less sick days. To ensure that our clients receive smooth and efficient service, a supervisor will visit your property regularly to oversee performance during the process of cleaning. We understand that being accessible is important to you. For that reason the owner is hands on with each client and takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. We will address your needs on an individual basis and you will find that our Expertise and Attention to detail is second to none. Lake Michigan Cleaning Service is ready to help you create a clean and healthy work environment that you can be proud of. We pride ourselves on the Value of Cleaning.

Robert J. Williams | Master Cleaner,

Expert Trainer | President/Owner
Lake Michigan Cleaning Service LLC
Phone: 248-508-6678
Email: operations@lakemics.com


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