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Our success has been based on Training and Incorporating technology at all levels to increase communication between client, Cleaning Management and Front Line Cleaning Staff. To ensure that our clients receive smooth and efficient service, LAKEMICS continually monitors and inspects your facility. A supervisor will visit your property regularly to oversee performance during the process of cleaning. Superior training and utilizing innovation technologies and quality assurance, ensures accountability and improves productivity. We are in association with CMI/ISSA which includes Basic Custodial to Supervisory training certifications. Advance training includes HIPPA and Blood pathogen topics. LAKEMICS training is suitable for beginning Technicians, Managers and Company owners looking to assure excellent service and profitability. 


​Lake Michigan Cleaning Service

Robert J. Williams | Master Cleaner,

Expert Trainer | President/Owner
Lake Michigan Cleaning Service LLC
Phone: 248-508-6678
Email: operations@lakemics.com